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Bragging again – our students are great

We don’t like to brag too much but when we take time out to see what great things they have accomplished then it is always a great surprise and source of much self congratulation. We haver put together a very short video showing some of the great work our students have taken over the past few months on our portrait, wedding, landscape and beginners courses – please take a minute and enjoy. If you fancy coming along to learn some new skills or get the most from your camera please either email me on nick@unshaken.co.uk or call me on 01245 494258.

Portrait photography course in Essex

How to take stunning portraits on location – photography

Portrait photography course on location in Essex   Earlier this year we ran one of our location portrait photography courses at the stunning Ingatestone Hall. It was a great opportunity for our delegates to develop and practice their skills which they could then take away and use just for fun or if starting out on a new photographic career.   During the course of the day the delegates were introduced to a wide range of skills including shooting with natural light, dealing with low light and also using flash. The results were pretty amazing as you can see below.           All of the course attendees were new to taking portraits on location which provides unique challenges to the photographer. When shooting…

portrait photography course - Essex

Portrait Photography Course – Chelmsford, Essex

Beginners Portrait Photography Course Images   I thought I would share a few images from our recent portrait photography course which we ran from one of the executive boxes at the Essex County Ground (cricket ground) in Chelmsford. We had a great team of photographers shooting and Elizabeth a wonderful model resulting in some great images.   We like to run this course from a fairly empty shell rather than a fully set-up studio as this provides our delegates with a great insight into what can be achieved from a simple room. Here are a couple of the images.     On the day we introduced the photographers to setting up studio lights, positing, alternative lighting styles, directing models, using soft boxes and post production…

Do you need and Apple Mac

Do you need an Apple Mac to become a professional photographer?

Apple Mac vs PC – a photographers view   I have been working with rookie photographers for longer than I can now remember and 90% of the time a new photographer will ask whether or not they need and Apple Mac.  Most of the time I actually get the impression that they are actually asking in the hope that I will say yes and they can go away and invest some cash in the shiny silver box of wonders.     Now I moved from pc based machines over to working on Apple Macbook Pro’s about three years ago so I feel well placed to discuss the pro’s and cons of both sides of this argument.  For many years I was investing some pretty good…

Kent portrait photography course

Kent Portrait Photography Course – Maidstone

Kent Portrait Photography Course – Maidstone   On Saturday some of our delegates had the fortune to spend the day with the brilliant Martin Higgs and learn how to take stunning studio based images on our Portrait photography course run in maidstone, Kent. On the day the delegates worked with professional model Kate using a range of lighting setups. Some really great work by martin and the guys.   Working with a professional model like Kate is a great way of being able to focus upon the lighting whilst she works on the posing.  Ultimately you need to work on both however when starting out it is comforting to work with professional models who can provide an additional insight.     All of the delegates…

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Lifestyle portrait shoot – portrait photography course – Essex

Lifestyle portrait photography shoot in Chelmsford, Essex We had the please of working with one of our favourite models today – Cody.  As always Cody was super professional, working really well with our budding new photographers helping them to develop a great portfolio and master new skills.  Starting to take great portraits can actually be rather daunting when you first set out so we always try to pick our models carefully to give new photographers a great day.  Here are a few shots taken of Cody today.     When starting out in photography it is essential that you work on developing a professional portfolio, one that you can show to your clients and demonstrates your skill and style of work.  I always recommend to…

Top 10 Key Tips for becoming a professional photographer

Turning pro – Key considerations and top 10 tips Becoming a professional photographer is a rewarding career choice, its not easy – chances are you will end up working for yourself and end up putting in plenty of hours of work but then again the rewards can be great.  The idea of becoming a professional photographer appeals to many people however few follow through with their dream instead giving up too early.   For many new photographers they will attend a few courses, build a portfolio, build a website, create a Facebook business page and then give up claiming there is no work out there and the world is full of photographers.  This is not true and intact the chances are that these same people…

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Are you new to DSLR cameras? New DSLR lens buying guide 2015

DSLR lens buying guide 2015 Saving up for your first DSLR camera is an exciting time.  You are all ready to get out there and start taking some great photographs and yet when the time comes to taking home your new shiny gadget often a sense of anti-climax appears.  Many consumer level digital cameras come with a ‘kit lens’ its a standard piece of kit which gets you and and running however it lacks the degree of zoom that your average compact camera has and for many people this is a huge disappointment. As photographers we are spoilt these days as even your trusty camera phone with Instagram installed can produce stunning results.  Moving onto a compact or hybrid camera and you find yourself in…

Commercial photography – why is it ignored

Commercial Photography Training   I am always surprised how few people seem interested in commercial photography – it is repeat work, allows you to visit some truly inspiring businesses and add real variety to your work. The days of great big studios charging over inflated prices has gone as so many small businesses realise the value and need for relevant fresh content on their websites. Below is a video of a few images shot at a local public house due to re-open very shortly – http://www.thegoldenfleece-chelmsford.co.uk over the period of a couple of hours. If you want to give your business a lift then get out and shoot commercial photography. Courses available at www.unshaken-photography.co.uk    

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10 Useful points for making the most of your new camera.

Getting a new camera is always exciting but getting the most from it requires a little help . I love a good gadget, I have far more photography kit than I really need but I can’t help myself when the sales or trade shows come along.  Getting a new camera makes me feel like a kid at Christmas – I hope you have felt the same way with your new toy.  Our beginners courses are full in January of excited new photographers all eager to get the most from their camera yet who share the same tales of disappointment and frustration when trying to get to grips with all the buttons and features.   Its very easy to get frustrated by all the terminology and…