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Essex portrait photography course

Portrait photography course in Chelmsford, Essex

Being able to capture beautiful images of family, friends or clients is a real dream and yet it really isn’t that difficult.  I had the pleasure of showing a small group of photographers how to take some great people images from a small mobile studio set-up from an empty room in Chelmsford, Essex. During the course of the day we looked at the equipment required, basic lighting set-ups, posing, editing and styling.  Working with flash is not complicated and yet it scares many people who seem to think that it is beyond their abilities, scary and expensive.  I would urge anyone with an interest in photography to give it a go – if you fancy learning with us take a look at our introduction to…

starting out in photography

Add a little texture to your photographs – Great Photoshop Tip

Trying adding some depth to your images with a little texture overlay Everyone knows that I am a BIG Lightroom fan, I love the tool and it has helped to transform the way that I have worked over the past few years. Having said that Photoshop is a killer tool, I wish I was better at it and knew more of its tools as it would add even more to my arsenal of photographic tools yet time is always against me. One tip though that I think is well worth sharing and playing with is the application of a textural layer over the top of your images and then reducing the opacity of the textural layer so that you end up with images with impact….

Taking outdoor portraits

How to take great portraits outside (on location)

How do I take photographs of people outside? Being able to take a lovely portrait image outside is always rewarding but for many people they can never quite get it right.  More often than not your subject ends up either squinting, becoming a bit too dark or one side of their face becomes overly bright whilst the other is clothed in darkness.   It is a strange fact that the majority of people I ask know one rule of photography and yet that rule is wrong – try it yourself, heres the question. “When taking a photograph of a person outside where do I as the photographer want to stand relative to the subject and the sun?”   90% of the delegates who come onto…