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Essex portrait photography course

Portrait photography course in Chelmsford, Essex

Being able to capture beautiful images of family, friends or clients is a real dream and yet it really isn’t that difficult.  I had the pleasure of showing a small group of photographers how to take some great people images from a small mobile studio set-up from an empty room in Chelmsford, Essex. During the course of the day we looked at the equipment required, basic lighting set-ups, posing, editing and styling.  Working with flash is not complicated and yet it scares many people who seem to think that it is beyond their abilities, scary and expensive.  I would urge anyone with an interest in photography to give it a go – if you fancy learning with us take a look at our introduction to…

move away from fully automatic

What is wrong with shooting in fully automatic?

You may have got yourself a nice new camera or even had one for a little bit of time but either way found yourself stuck in fully automatic.  Many photographers are aware that fully automatic is not the best mode to shoot in but they are unsure quite why.  This video below will explain the limitations of shooting in fully automatic and offer you a better way of shooting. If you find yourself stuck in fully automatic then you may wish to come along to one of our beginners photography courses running in Chelmsford, St Albans, Cambridge & Kent – for more information pop along and visit – Beginners photography courses

portrait photography course - Essex

Portrait Photography Course – Chelmsford, Essex

Beginners Portrait Photography Course Images   I thought I would share a few images from our recent portrait photography course which we ran from one of the executive boxes at the Essex County Ground (cricket ground) in Chelmsford. We had a great team of photographers shooting and Elizabeth a wonderful model resulting in some great images.   We like to run this course from a fairly empty shell rather than a fully set-up studio as this provides our delegates with a great insight into what can be achieved from a simple room. Here are a couple of the images.     On the day we introduced the photographers to setting up studio lights, positing, alternative lighting styles, directing models, using soft boxes and post production…

location photography

Stunning new portrait location shoot – Essex

Great location for portrait photography – Essex   As a photographer I am always looking out for the next great location at which to be able to shoot. Finding great models these days is easy thanks to the variety of agency and modelling social media sites such as Purpleport & Model mayhem however the constant need for more and more locations is a painfully hard task.   Recently however I came across a stunning location in the heart of Essex containing multiple great setups each of which provides a completely different and yet inspiring backdrop for great photography. I went to the site with a couple of models and a makeup artist to gain a first insight into using the location and here are a…

Top 10 Key Tips for becoming a professional photographer

Turning pro – Key considerations and top 10 tips Becoming a professional photographer is a rewarding career choice, its not easy – chances are you will end up working for yourself and end up putting in plenty of hours of work but then again the rewards can be great.  The idea of becoming a professional photographer appeals to many people however few follow through with their dream instead giving up too early.   For many new photographers they will attend a few courses, build a portfolio, build a website, create a Facebook business page and then give up claiming there is no work out there and the world is full of photographers.  This is not true and intact the chances are that these same people…

professional snapper

Think you are cut out to become a professional photographer? Take this quiz

Want to become a professional photographer? Test your potential.   There’s no doubt about it, being a professional photographer is a pretty great way to make a living however as with all things in life it isn’t quite as easy as it seems and it certainly isn’t for everyone.  The majority of photographers I know work for themselves which has both pro’s and con’s about it but I like to think that the pro’s outweigh the cons.  Becoming a pro snapper isn’t any harder than running any other business although the idea of it seems to appeal to a big group of people not all of which see it through though – it my experience these guys probably wouldn’t make it working for themselves in…

Taking outdoor portraits

How to take great portraits outside (on location)

How do I take photographs of people outside? Being able to take a lovely portrait image outside is always rewarding but for many people they can never quite get it right.  More often than not your subject ends up either squinting, becoming a bit too dark or one side of their face becomes overly bright whilst the other is clothed in darkness.   It is a strange fact that the majority of people I ask know one rule of photography and yet that rule is wrong – try it yourself, heres the question. “When taking a photograph of a person outside where do I as the photographer want to stand relative to the subject and the sun?”   90% of the delegates who come onto…