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Stunning new portrait location shoot – Essex

Great location for portrait photography – Essex   As a photographer I am always looking out for the next great location at which to be able to shoot. Finding great models these days is easy thanks to the variety of agency and modelling social media sites such as Purpleport & Model mayhem however the constant need for more and more locations is a painfully hard task.   Recently however I came across a stunning location in the heart of Essex containing multiple great setups each of which provides a completely different and yet inspiring backdrop for great photography. I went to the site with a couple of models and a makeup artist to gain a first insight into using the location and here are a…


Cambridge beginners photography course

Beginners photography course in Cambridge – a chilly day!   Today I had the pleasure of running one of our popular beginners photography courses in Cambridge.  When I woke up this morning and saw the snow falling I fully expected my phone to ring and bleep with a series of last minute excuses however we had a full class show up of eager and enthusiastic students willing to brave the cold.     During the course of the day we looked at all of the essential camera controls, we learnt how to blur backgrounds and deal with moving objects.  We finished the day with looking at some key post production and editing techniques including using Adobe Lightroom. As per normal we had a broad range…

Landscape photography course – Chelmsford, Essex

As the nights draw in and the days get shorter I cheered myself up by looking through some images taken this year on a landscape photography 1:1 course earlier in the year so thought I would share them. A 1:1 photography course is a great way of covering an enormous amount of content as a speed that works for you.  During the course of a day when can typically cover the content of both of our beginners modules and a bit more including some editing on Photoshop & Lightroom. here’s a few of the images:       The above images were all shop at the fabulous Royal Horticultural Society garden Hyde Hall, based just outside of Chelmsford in Essex.   1:1 photography days are…

Kent portrait photography course

Kent Portrait Photography Course – Maidstone

Kent Portrait Photography Course – Maidstone   On Saturday some of our delegates had the fortune to spend the day with the brilliant Martin Higgs and learn how to take stunning studio based images on our Portrait photography course run in maidstone, Kent. On the day the delegates worked with professional model Kate using a range of lighting setups. Some really great work by martin and the guys.   Working with a professional model like Kate is a great way of being able to focus upon the lighting whilst she works on the posing.  Ultimately you need to work on both however when starting out it is comforting to work with professional models who can provide an additional insight.     All of the delegates…

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Lifestyle portrait shoot – portrait photography course – Essex

Lifestyle portrait photography shoot in Chelmsford, Essex We had the please of working with one of our favourite models today – Cody.  As always Cody was super professional, working really well with our budding new photographers helping them to develop a great portfolio and master new skills.  Starting to take great portraits can actually be rather daunting when you first set out so we always try to pick our models carefully to give new photographers a great day.  Here are a few shots taken of Cody today.     When starting out in photography it is essential that you work on developing a professional portfolio, one that you can show to your clients and demonstrates your skill and style of work.  I always recommend to…

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Add a little texture to your photographs – Great Photoshop Tip

Trying adding some depth to your images with a little texture overlay Everyone knows that I am a BIG Lightroom fan, I love the tool and it has helped to transform the way that I have worked over the past few years. Having said that Photoshop is a killer tool, I wish I was better at it and knew more of its tools as it would add even more to my arsenal of photographic tools yet time is always against me. One tip though that I think is well worth sharing and playing with is the application of a textural layer over the top of your images and then reducing the opacity of the textural layer so that you end up with images with impact….

Top 10 Key Tips for becoming a professional photographer

Turning pro – Key considerations and top 10 tips Becoming a professional photographer is a rewarding career choice, its not easy – chances are you will end up working for yourself and end up putting in plenty of hours of work but then again the rewards can be great.  The idea of becoming a professional photographer appeals to many people however few follow through with their dream instead giving up too early.   For many new photographers they will attend a few courses, build a portfolio, build a website, create a Facebook business page and then give up claiming there is no work out there and the world is full of photographers.  This is not true and intact the chances are that these same people…

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Stunning portrait photography course results

Portrait Photography Course – Chelmsford, Essex Yesterday we held one of our popular portrait photography courses in Chelmsford, Essex with the stunning Cassandra Wilson-Bell.  Our delegates were all very new to taking portraits and most hadn’t even touched a studio light let alone take some images.  As expected nerves were a little high – it can be quite daunting trying to take your first portrait images but after a round of introductions everyone felt a little more comfortable. We went through some standard lighting setups, some posing techniques, editing thoughts and then plenty of shooting.  Cassandra turned up with some great outfits and even looked after her own hair and make-up.  We tried a few styles with some examples below.     Our portrait photography…

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Are you new to DSLR cameras? New DSLR lens buying guide 2015

DSLR lens buying guide 2015 Saving up for your first DSLR camera is an exciting time.  You are all ready to get out there and start taking some great photographs and yet when the time comes to taking home your new shiny gadget often a sense of anti-climax appears.  Many consumer level digital cameras come with a ‘kit lens’ its a standard piece of kit which gets you and and running however it lacks the degree of zoom that your average compact camera has and for many people this is a huge disappointment. As photographers we are spoilt these days as even your trusty camera phone with Instagram installed can produce stunning results.  Moving onto a compact or hybrid camera and you find yourself in…

backing up data

Backing up data – Guide for Photographers and recommendation of company

How to back up your data & hard drive – recommendations for photographers   In this post we look at :   What happens to a photographer if a hard drive fails and needs recovery Insurance issues of recovering data Cloud backup vs hard solutions Recommended back up solutions for photographers Hard drive recommendations A recommended recovery company (no bias this is based on a actual case that happened to us)   I recently had the misfortune of one of my external hard drives fail on me (to be honest it had been moved) but I ended up with the killer ticking sound of doom and my Mac failing to recognise the presence of the drive. My first thought was obviously to check out my…