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Bragging again – our students are great

We don’t like to brag too much but when we take time out to see what great things they have accomplished then it is always a great surprise and source of much self congratulation. We haver put together a very short video showing some of the great work our students have taken over the past few months on our portrait, wedding, landscape and beginners courses – please take a minute and enjoy. If you fancy coming along to learn some new skills or get the most from your camera please either email me on nick@unshaken.co.uk or call me on 01245 494258.

Essex portrait photography course

Portrait photography course in Chelmsford, Essex

Being able to capture beautiful images of family, friends or clients is a real dream and yet it really isn’t that difficult.  I had the pleasure of showing a small group of photographers how to take some great people images from a small mobile studio set-up from an empty room in Chelmsford, Essex. During the course of the day we looked at the equipment required, basic lighting set-ups, posing, editing and styling.  Working with flash is not complicated and yet it scares many people who seem to think that it is beyond their abilities, scary and expensive.  I would urge anyone with an interest in photography to give it a go – if you fancy learning with us take a look at our introduction to…

move away from fully automatic

What is wrong with shooting in fully automatic?

You may have got yourself a nice new camera or even had one for a little bit of time but either way found yourself stuck in fully automatic.  Many photographers are aware that fully automatic is not the best mode to shoot in but they are unsure quite why.  This video below will explain the limitations of shooting in fully automatic and offer you a better way of shooting. If you find yourself stuck in fully automatic then you may wish to come along to one of our beginners photography courses running in Chelmsford, St Albans, Cambridge & Kent – for more information pop along and visit – Beginners photography courses

Starting out in photography – a beginners guide

Beginners photography Courses   Whenever I run a beginners photography course (I did one yesterday actually) I never fail to be amazed at how much a beginners photography can move forward when they are shown just a few fundamentals. Photography is really not that complicated a subject – many people like making it complicated (not for bad reasons I believe but because they enjoy the technical side of photography) and often new photographers sometimes feel they have to go through some pain in-order to become a real photographer but it really isn’t the case.   As I look forward to the second module of our beginners photography course that I am running today in St Albans I thought it would be nice to share just a…

Portrait photography course in Essex

How to take stunning portraits on location – photography

Portrait photography course on location in Essex   Earlier this year we ran one of our location portrait photography courses at the stunning Ingatestone Hall. It was a great opportunity for our delegates to develop and practice their skills which they could then take away and use just for fun or if starting out on a new photographic career.   During the course of the day the delegates were introduced to a wide range of skills including shooting with natural light, dealing with low light and also using flash. The results were pretty amazing as you can see below.           All of the course attendees were new to taking portraits on location which provides unique challenges to the photographer. When shooting…

portrait photography course - Essex

Portrait Photography Course – Chelmsford, Essex

Beginners Portrait Photography Course Images   I thought I would share a few images from our recent portrait photography course which we ran from one of the executive boxes at the Essex County Ground (cricket ground) in Chelmsford. We had a great team of photographers shooting and Elizabeth a wonderful model resulting in some great images.   We like to run this course from a fairly empty shell rather than a fully set-up studio as this provides our delegates with a great insight into what can be achieved from a simple room. Here are a couple of the images.     On the day we introduced the photographers to setting up studio lights, positing, alternative lighting styles, directing models, using soft boxes and post production…

Magician Richard Jones - BGT

Richard Jones – Magician – BGT

Shooting Richard Jones – Britain’s got Talent Magician and winner     It’s always nice to get to shoot something different and so it proved recently when I was asked to shoot magician Richard Jones the recent winner of Britain’s got Talent. Richard is a really lovely guy, down to earth and grateful for everything that has happened to him and shooting him proved easy.     Richard needed a series of promotional images to use for his website, marketing and social so we grabbed some time to shoot him in a few different outfits. Richard has put absolutely years of dedication into his craft and is now starting to reap the rewards. he is a genuinely great person and his current fame certainly hasn’t…

move away from fully automatic

How to Get Into Photography: 5 Things To Know Before You Go Pro

Warning: What you are about to read could be create an addiction.   Because if you just landed on this page, you probably searched for “How to get into photography,” perhaps simply wanting to start a new hobby or even a new career. But once you’ve caught the photo-bug, there’s no stopping that bubbling passion to continue to make the next photo even better than the last. Still interested? Good, the photo bug probably already took a bite of you and there’s no cure for it now. Here’s what you need to know to get into photography.   Photography isn’t just about knowing how to use a camera. Sure, knowing aperture and shutter speed is essential to creating good images. But mastering photography is different…

image stabiliser

How to Get Sharper Photography Images – Simple Proven Tips

Some Proven Tips on Getting Sharper Photographic Images article by Rajib Mukherjee   Image sharpness is an extremely important aspect in photography. Be it a commercial assignment or shooting images on a family vacation, image sharpness assume critical importance in the whole scheme of image making. With increasingly high resolution cameras image sharpness assumes even more importance.   Sharpness in photography denotes how ‘edgy’ your images are. In other words how quickly elements in the image transitions to one another. The blurrier the image is the more gradual that transition will be. Image sharpness depends primarily on the equipment, but it also depends on shooting technique, post-processing and the viewing distance. Let’s dive deeper into some of these parameters and find out how they impact…

Do you need and Apple Mac

Do you need an Apple Mac to become a professional photographer?

Apple Mac vs PC – a photographers view   I have been working with rookie photographers for longer than I can now remember and 90% of the time a new photographer will ask whether or not they need and Apple Mac.  Most of the time I actually get the impression that they are actually asking in the hope that I will say yes and they can go away and invest some cash in the shiny silver box of wonders.     Now I moved from pc based machines over to working on Apple Macbook Pro’s about three years ago so I feel well placed to discuss the pro’s and cons of both sides of this argument.  For many years I was investing some pretty good…